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Travel the Serendipitous Journey

Explore your creative side with writing and art, and reconnect to what lights you up.

Stressful life events can leave us feeling meh.

Are you languishing as we emerge from the Covid pandemic?

Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward after a recent life transition?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your loved ones and your tribe?

Does it feel like the aspirations you once had for your life no longer fit, but you don't know what does?

Do you have a nagging feeling that there's more to life?

Do you long to express yourself creatively, but don't know where to start?

I know how you feel. Yes, I really do.


Join my free Facebook community to explore creatively

in a supportive environment.


Find your creative voice

through writing and visual arts courses and workshops.  



(Re)Discover your superpowers and what lights up your soul.


You can languish in a life that's just okay,

or you can flourish like the bodacious woman that you are.


​As a woman in midlife, you've probably spent your life doing what is expected - by parents, partners, families and society - and ignoring your heart. It's time to rediscover you. Get ready to connect with your creative spirit through practice, heal any wounds you're carrying through the power of creative personal expression, and rediscover what lights you up.

I'm Judy, a writer, mixed media artist, and creative explorer and guide. I’m passionate about helping women discover their authentic selves through creativity. ​I've enjoyed creative pursuits since I can remember, but I never knew how integral creativity was to life until I was in my mid-forties. It was then, while I was recovering from treatment for a rare form of head and neck cancer that took my right eye and sent my self confidence plummeting, that I discovered mixed media art.


When I share my creative process and help others make it their own, I'm struck by how they access parts of themselves that they may have forgotten. Once you bring your buried dreams to the surface, you'll feel the sense of joy, meaning and purpose that's missing. Creativity is a lot like life. It can be frustrating and messy at times, but if you pay attention, serendipity shows up. Just keep exploring and working with it, and you'll end up with something beautiful in the end.​

Embark on the Journey

1. Join the Traveling the Serendipitous Journey free Facebook group.


While the group won't be as comprehensive as my workshops and programs, it will give you a good idea of what my offerings are like and whether you resonate with my style.

2. Reconnect to what lights you up through group activities, as well as classes, workshops and programs.

I believe our purpose and passions have always been with us. We've just become disconnected from them while living the life we were "supposed" to live. Exploring your creative side will help them resurface.

3. Live a blissful, bodacious life.

Stop feeling stuck and live a life that's true to your purpose, passions, values and strengths. 

Will you travel this serendipitous journey of creative exploration, self-discovery, growth and connection alongside me? We'll explore writing and mixed media, along with many other creative mediums, discover our authentic selves, connect with other like-minded women and grow into our true passions and purpose. If you're open to the possibilities you'll be amazed at where this journey can lead.

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